Sunday, April 30, 2023

4 Reasons Why You Need Your Own Business

Why You Need Your Own Business?

Let’s be real.

You probably hate your job. Studies have shown that most people would rather do something else than get up every morning and drive to work. There’s traffic to contend with. Nasty bosses. Weird co-workers. Lousy pay. And, frankly, it just wears you out both mentally and physically.

For women it’s even worse. In addition to everything we just mentioned women also have to get the kids ready for school. Feed them. If the kids are young, Mothers need to hurry to the day-care after work. Then they may have to go to the grocery store before going home. Then she’s got to cook supper.

And it’s the Working Woman that is the person to make sure the kids get to their doctor appointment or the dentist or dance classes or to music lessons or the little league practice, etc.…etc.…etc. And we wonder why our Wives are tired or in a bad mood or sometimes resentful.

Men have it easier, but we hate our 9 to 5 too, even though most of us don’t have all that extra crap to contend with!

Okay so here are some of the top reasons we need our own business (side hustle).

1.    Almost instant benefits – thanks to the government in D. C. we get big tax breaks just by setting up our own business. You can get deductions for mileage. You can write off stuff like a percent of your mortgage or rent payment, eating out, attending conventions, cell phones, internet, business trips. These are just some of your deductions. And you can also change your deductions on your paycheck at work to have more take-home pay. That alone works out to between $300 to $500 more take home pay per month. (Instant income)

2.    Here’s an important point for you to know and it’s also a main selling point for you to have your own business. You. Do. Not. Have. To. Make. A. Profit.   Huh?

That’s right. The federal tax code says you don’t need to show a profit to have these benefits. You just need to have the intention of making a profit. That’s huge because by changing your take home pay deductions you will automatically have more disposable income coming in. What would an extra $400, or $500 dollars mean for your monthly budget? It would help, I’m sure.

3.    Let’s don’t get into things like feeling guilty about not having a better house or better car and let’s not worry right now about your Wife not having the most stylish dress at the company Christmas Party. And let’s not dwell on the fact your house needs a new roof, or the car is making a funny noise, or the washing machine stopped, and your Wife had to go to the laundromat. No let’s not get into all that. 

     You know why you need more income. The point is, things like guilt, lack of self-worth, wondering how you’ll ever be able to retire. These are real problems, and we don’t often admit them or talk about them, but they are real issues and are a big reason you need a way to earn extra income.

4.    Companies do not pay a living wage! Unfortunately, in the U.S. most families are living paycheck to paycheck. It’s not right but that’s how it is. Another study said practically everyone is just one missed paycheck away from losing everything they have! How long do you finally decide to do something about all this. The answer is: Side Hustle!

Now those are just four reason people like you and me should have extra income and are starting their own businesses.

And, you don’t have to quit your job. Find something that allows you to do both while your side hustle is making you more money than you were earning at work.

I know one guy that started cleaning windows for businesses on the weekend. That allowed him to keep his regular job and still bring in the extra money he needs. He makes a couple hundred every Saturday. Neat!

There are millions of ways to earn money if you’re willing to do it. Get creative. Find a need and fill it. That’s how most people become rich. They find something that needs doing and figure out how to get it done.

Here’s an idea. Cut lawns for senior citizens. Some can’t do it themselves anymore and are being charged an arm and a leg to pay to have it done. However, cutting a regular sized yard for say $25 to $30 bucks would be a bargain for the Senior Citizen and you’d make money. Just 5 lawns would make you $125.00 every Saturday. That’s $6500.00 more dollars every year! What would that mean to you and your Family?

It could mean the difference between you losing a home or being able to stay in it. I’m just saying.

Take action. That’s all it takes.

Now if you’re of a mind to really make significant amounts of money, the kind where you can fire your boss and can create permanent lifetime residual income, we recommend this: SavingsHwyGlobal.

You can start it for just $20. Click on the link to see what I mean and/or call us if you have any questions.

I hope this information has help you today.

All the best…






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