Friday, June 30, 2023

We Believe In You -

Starting your first business venture is a lot like asking someone out on your first date.

Remember back in Jr. High or High School and you became interested in someone? You thought you might want to go out with them, but you’d never been on a date before. What do you do on a date? Where do you go? Should you pick them up or just meet them someplace? What should you wear? Who’s supposed to pay? What if the date wasn’t fun? What if you had a miserable time? What if they would even want to be with you? Would they say ‘no’ to going out?

All these things flash through your mind when deciding to ask a person out for the first time. You may build up enough nerve and ask them out anyway but, the odds are, you’ll chicken out and just admire them from afar.

But by not asking them out you’re deciding not to experience their company and by not getting to know them will deprive you of what could be many years of fun and enjoyment.

Remember, not deciding is a decision, too.

I know from experience your first business will probably have you feeling the same way. You’ll be nervous. You will wonder what your friends will say. You may feel you don’t know enough. Like your first date, you’ll wonder if this will work out or not.

You’ll have many doubts. Is it the right business for you? Can you afford to start it? Will it be profitable? If it fails what will others think?

At this point you will probably decide to give up or…you may just jump in with both feet and give it a try.

If you do decide to start your own ‘side-hustle’ I say: “Good for You!”

At least you’re trying to do something positive. You want a nicer lifestyle. You want to get those bills paid off. You want your kids to have better clothes. You want to save for college. You might just want to avoid losing your car or house or apartment.

You’re not just sitting around waiting for all the bad things to happen to you. And, it's not your fault your job doesn’t pay anyone enough. You’re deciding to take action and that’s important.

Your self-esteem will go up. You’ll feel better knowing you at least have a chance to improve things for yourself and your loved ones.

What happens when you try. might just succeed and solve most of your issues.

If your new business doesn’t work out…so what? You’re no worse off than you were before. However, one important thing happens to you if this ‘side-hustle’ doesn’t work out.

You now have lots of experience and will be better prepared to start over with a new opportunity! Now you know what not to do. You’ll have more confidence and a greater chance of making things work out the next time.

Don't stop trying!

Remember: “A Set Back is Just A Set Up for a Comeback!”

We believe in you.

All the best,

Donald Gaw

P. S. ~ I personally can’t count how many times we failed when trying to make our business work. The key to your independence is one simple thing: ‘don’t give up’. 




Monday, June 19, 2023

How To Really Create A Massive Networking Business

Someone said to me just this past weekend: “I’ve always wanted to start a business, but I just don’t know what to say or how to approach anyone.”

She said this to me while watching my fearless Wife approach total strangers at an outdoor Craft Show and Juneteenth Celebration Fair.

Of course, Lisa knows a thing or two about what to say to anyone concerning Her Business. Plus, she’s passionate about it.

#1. Here’s a good opener. “Hi, I’m in the area today to try and help as many people as possible. If I could show you a low-cost way to earn some extra money each week without changing what you’re presently doing would that be something you’d be interested in?”

If they say ‘yes’, then you exchange contact information and share a presentation video link (via Flyer or Handout) with them along with instructions to let her know when they’ve watched it.

The goal is to just hand out as many flyers today and try to get as many verbal promises as possible to watch your presentation Video. Rarely will you sign anyone up at this point.

Of course if they say ‘no’ just say ‘thank you’ move on.

#2. Next, usually in a day or two, if they let you know that they have watched the video just ask them what they thought about it. If they seem to like what they’ve seen, then say something like: “If you had unlimited free training along with weekly payouts and help, do you think this is something you’d like to do?” Wait for the ‘yes’! (Now enroll them)

But, if you haven’t heard anything from this contact in a couple of days you can call or text them and say: “Hey, I had a few moments and wanted to see if you’ve had a chance to watch our Video or if you have any questions about how we earn extra weekly income?”

If they didn’t watch it yet just repeat the instructions to let you know when they will be watching it and try setting a time after they watched it to follow up with a call or…

If they did watch it, then go into talking about it and what they thought about it. (Step #2)

If the person she’s talking to says they’re not interested then you should just be polite and thank them for their time and hang up.

Note: These are only Guidelines. None of this is etched in stone. Put your own spin on it. Make it fit your own personality and make it sound natural. In other words, make it something you’re comfortable with.

One other often overlooked item: Immediately, after they have signed up make a time and a place when they like to start their training. Don’t overlook this. This may be the most important thing you can do to insure your success.

Training can be in person or on Zoom Calls. If your Company has regular training give them that training schedule and invite them to the very next one.

People want and need help when they join an opportunity, and they want and like having a sense of Community! Once they hear other people that belong to this same business they feel much better about their decision and soon will realize that: ‘…if they can do this then so can I.”

Now I realize that some if this will seem like ‘old school’ networking. Especially since so many people rely on Social Media, Traffic Exchanges, Safe Lists, Texting, TikToc etc. (all of which we use btw…)

What we have learned in our almost Three Decades of doing this is quite interesting.

The people we sign up on social media don’t usually stay with your business. Statistically, a whopping 97% move on to the next ‘shiny object’ within a month or two! That’s too much work for nothing.

With rare exception most never enroll anyone into their down-line and only a few even attend training sessions. These are the people that still believe the ‘gurus’ that tell you that you’ll earn $100,000K by Friday if you just send them $49 today.

So called ‘Gurus’ are scum and are to be avoided.

There are some rare exceptions to these stats but, most people you find online aren’t the people you can count on to build your own business. Even though they signed up with you they are still of the opinion there’s one ‘get rich quick’ program, just around the corner.

Most of these folks will die broke while still looking.

We also waste a lot of time and money using these various online ‘biz building’ methods.

Promoting in person is a solid way for you to get ahead.

As I said before Lisa and I went to this outdoor Craft Fair this past weekend. Here’s what it cost us to promote our business there.

At home, we made and printed out a flyer with the sales pitch on it and Lisa’s contact information and video presentation link. On the way to the Fair, we stopped at the Library and printed off copies of this handout. (Cost $5.00)

Then we went to the Fair and Lisa started simply walking up to Vendors and Visitors and went into her short talk. The result was that most were receptive. Lisa now has almost 80 new contacts and, experience tells me She will have 2 or 3 new signups into her main business!

Bottom line is we spent $5.00, and it took about 4 hours. We had a great time, met a lot of very nice people and we will have made another positive impact on our business growth.

Since these people are local and since we’ve already met them, they now know us and will attend training, they will learn how to build their business from us and they will soon get into a positive weekly cash flow.

We’ll make money, they will start making money and we will have acquired more new friends.

And, unlike signing up people online, most of the people we do sign up from our 4 hours at the Fair will not quit the business.

The reason is because they are receiving personal help and feel like they are a part of a community that cares about them.

That’s called: Win-Win!

The reality is: When you sign up someone personally and immediately let them know you are there to help them and train them your Retention Rate Climbs!

As I said, most don’t quit unlike the online lookie loos. This way works! We have people that have worked with us for over a decade!

A high Retention Rate means you are creating a business that you can count on to provide you with a permanent, weekly, lifetime residual income for years and decades to come!

Goodbye Boss. Goodbye 9 to 5.

Now is when a few people will tell me this is the slow way to grow a business. Well, here are some numbers from a business we are affiliated with.

Signing up just 3 people then actually teaching those 3 to sign up three each and so on and so forth will eventually provide you an income of $3,306 monthly at level 7. This can be done in about 3 to 4 months if you commit to it.

At level 8 this becomes $9,867 per month residual income. Not too bad. Experience has shown us, to reach this level will take 10 to 12 months. Again, you must commit to the process and work on your business daily. See More?

See how simple this is. All you did was enroll 3 people that will do what you’ve done. Then you actually train them so they will then go out and do the same thing.

I know this post is longer than usual, but I wanted to show you how easy your business can be.

“Networking is just Numbers!” ~ D. G. Gaw

You just have to dig down into yourself and find out how bad do you want this? How badly do you need this income? How much longer will you settle for mediocrity? How much longer can you stomach going to that 9 to 5? How many more of your kid’s ball games will you miss? Or how many recitals?

As in anything in life…it’s your choice.

Get in touch anytime. All the best,

Donald Gaw




Friday, June 16, 2023

5 Easy Steps to Having Business Success -

Here’s a post on how anyone can afford to be in business. It has everything to do with what moves you should make in the beginning.

Number 1 – Find a Profitable Low-Cost Opportunity. We recommend Savings Highway Global. It has Services that we promote that help people save, on average, over $5,000 yearly, who doesn’t want to save money.

It’s only $20 to start and…there’s nothing to sell. Tell people you’ve saved money on Groceries, Car Insurance, Dining Out, Cell Phones, Homeowners Insurance…etc. There’s a lot more but you get the idea.

Basically, it’s savings on stuff you are going to buy anyway. Tell people you’ve saved, and they will want too also. Enroll just 2 people. Show them how to enroll 2 each then build down to 10 levels and you have a $88,599 monthly residual income.

It will take a little time to get there but if you only did 10% of that you’d still have over $8,000 per month coming in. They pay every Wednesday.

Number 2 – Now that you’re in business, you’ll need to free up a bit of money for ads to place, maybe flyers to print etc. The main reason people fail with a new business is they don’t have enough money to operate it over the month or two it takes to get into profit. So…they quit.

Here's where Uncle Sam helps. Got to your 9 to 5 and change your payroll deductions. You’ll want to take less deductions so that you increase your take-home pay. Now you have extra money for the business!

This is safe to do because Uncle Sam allows you to take deductions for your business. Any business cards, flyers, mileage, holding meetings, your Internet, and lots more! There are frankly so many deductions they allow that you can significantly lower the amount of tax you pay at years end.

And, you do not have to have a profitable business to qualify for this. Uncle Sam says you just must ‘intend’ to make a profit!

Number 3 – Save at least 50% of any income or commissions you earn from your new business! Don’t go crazy and start buying a bunch of stuff. Wearing an 8lb gold chain or buying an expensive car doesn’t tell me you’re a success. All that tells me is you're being frivolous and are not planning for the future. Being able to be debt free and being able to put money to work investing tells me you’re successful and have your act together! (Just saying…)

Number 4 – Give back by teach others how to do the same thing you’ve done. People that try to earn extra income by joining you in your opportunity deserve all your help. They’ve made you the money you’re enjoying so help them continue to do that. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Number 5 – Finally…hedge your bets by building a 2nd opportunity. Now that you have the first opportunity, you’ll want to take your team on to even more success. Besides, what if your first business failed and you didn’t have any back up? You want to have something to fall back on. A 2nd and/or a 3rd income maker is how you protect your money and your team’s business health. For a 2nd opportunity we like CannaGlobe. The Wall Street Journal predicts this will be a $310 Billion Dollar Industry by the year 2030! Check it out at: click here

This should give you a great start in your online adventure. Lisa and I look forward to working with you.

All the best…

Donald Gaw




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