Thursday, June 8, 2023

If You Don’t Start…Then What?

Here’s the scenario across America.

Thousands of single Moms are struggling to make ends meet. Why?

Well, if there’s a deadbeat Dad in the picture that’s one big reason. If he’s not paying court ordered Child Support, Mom and her Kids are having a rough time.

Or maybe Dad was killed. We’re still sending people into wars. Or it could have been an accident at work or a car wreck. And, like most, there was not enough insurance to cover the funeral.

A lot of Dads, frustrated by bills and low wages just up and leave their Family. That’s the cowards’ way out.

The bottom line then is Mom’s alone with one or two kids to house, feed and clothe and care for and, at the same time, she must try to earn some money to try keeping things together.

She’s up at 6 o’clock. Feed the kids. Get them to school or daycare then goes to work. Then must arrange for her kids to be picked up and taken home. Mom gets home and must cook and clean and wash clothes and do it all over again and again.

Plus, the problem with whatever job she finds is they don’t pay enough to cover the necessary costs of rent, gasoline, food, school supplies, daycare, doctor visits etc., etc....

Inevitably the bills pile up and she gets behind on rent and car payments and utilities and eventually she and her kids must go on welfare, apply for food stamps and public housing. Or, even worse, she and her family become homeless and helpless.

Women have it rough. Men can and do leave and they can start over and pretend they’re single again and that life is good. Meanwhile, Mom’s having to deal with the system of low-paying jobs, high rent, and no help. It’s a lucky woman that finds a good man that will take responsibility and stand by her through all of life’s issues!

However, life is not fair, and this is the reality of a Society that was designed by mostly old, white men in the 1700’s. And no one can tell me that in the year 2023 that Women finally have any advantages over Men. They don’t.

Women still don’t get paid like men. They still don’t get promoted for outstanding work like a man does and they still aren’t treated with the same amount of respect that a man enjoys.

How does a women get what she’s entitled to in todays World. Let’s talk about that.

The answer isn’t easy, but it is simple: Side Hustle!

Given the situation 1000’s of single Mom’s find themselves in, the only way to overcome the lack of money is to make more. The difficulty is how to find a way to do that without having any extra cash in the first place.

I’m glad you asked!

Now let me say that I’ve studied many online businesses. Most don’t last very long. They’re either too expensive to start and too expensive to stay in and/or they are mismanaged or, they were scams to begin with.

If I’ve described your situation a bit in the paragraphs above, then it would make sense to get into a business that didn’t cost a lot. The one I’d join if I were you is only $20 to start.

And you don’t need to sell anything or buy anything for that matter. There’s no pills or lotions or potions or miracle drinks.

All you do with this business is: Get discounts on the things you buy anyway! The name of this business is Savings Highway Global and yes, I am an affiliate for them.

The average member saves about $4800 per year by having the SHG Membership. That works out to $400 per month, just in what you could save. Would that help?

Look at their website at: SHG Site

They have been in business since 2007. They’re a U. S. debt free company and have an A+ BBB Rating.

What will happen when you join SHG? That’s when you and I start your free training to start growing your business so you can make some extra income. I forgot to mention that in addition to saving money you can eventually earn a full-time living by just showing people how to save money themselves. Who doesn’t need to save money?

The pay plan is awesome and they payout each Wednesday.

I believe this could be a win-win for you.

You could improve your finances. At the same time, you could save on the stuff you buy anyway. There’s no limit to how much success you could have. It’s inexpensive to start like I said. The company is stable and debt free. The training is free. There are even tax deductions you could take by having your own business, saving you even more money.

Imagine in a few months being able to tell your boss goodbye! Imagine being able to become debt free! Imagine living your life on your terms.

I am here to tell you that you are not stuck in a dead-end situation. You can do this!

Take the first step…it won’t hurt to go look the site over. If you have any questions get in touch with me.

All the best,

Donald Gaw


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