Sunday, July 30, 2023

Working Hard And Getting Nowhere -

There was a fellow classmate from High School that all he did was try to earn extra money. Seriously, that was all he ever did. He’d cut grass in the summer, sell magazine subscriptions, he’d take a cooler full of cokes to the Little League Games to sell to the parents. He’d wash cars. Shovel snow in Winter.

He was always hustling. He also always looked frazzled, too. Maybe in retrospect the word should be frantic. It was as if he felt like the only reason he was born was to start work immediately.

I never saw him date or go to school dances. He wasn’t in any of the Science Clubs or Drama Clubs. Never played sports. Most of us avoided him between classes because he’d try to sell you something. He tried to sell me a comb once between English and Biology!

Of course, he was voted most likely to succeed in the Yearbook.

And it wasn’t as if he needed the money. They lived in a big house; his dad was a doctor. Go figure…

Point is, I saw him a few years ago when visiting my hometown. I didn’t recognize him at first. Almost 4 decades had gone by then. I wouldn’t have bothered except for this bum lying on the sidewalk said my name! Don’t know how he knew it was me.

Gosh, he was in bad shape. Ragged clothes, dirty, smelly, obviously sick. I finally recognized him and couldn’t believe it. Here was the class hustler homeless, destitute, lost. However, when I asked if he needed any help, he said he didn’t need anything. He refused a room, refused food. Said he’d be fine that he was working on a ‘big deal’ and would be okay.

He thanked me for the money I offered and then told me to go that he had an important appointment lined up in a little while. Some business meeting. There he was, lying in rags on a sidewalk in the middle of downtown, still hustling. Or, at least, believing he was. Our old classmate, still looking for that big break.

I’ve thought about the ‘hustler’, from time to time. That’s what we called him. Until I saw him homeless, I imagined him living in a big house with several nice cars. A beautiful wife and kids going to private schools.

Rich and retired. Nope.

Looking back on that meeting and on our time in school together I’ve decided his downfall, his total lack of success was due to one main thing. Just one…

He never stuck to any one thing long enough to make it work!

One day he was selling pencils and notebooks. The next day he sold combs. For a while he cut grass. Then it was washing cars. You never knew what he was going to be into.

He never became the ‘go to’ guy for any one niche. He was never that one person you knew you could count for that particular thing you needed.

You know what I mean. Things like, if you need the car fixed, you’d immediately think of ‘Robert’s Garage’ or if you had to get a haircut you’d always go to ‘Sam the Barber’.

Sam was always going to be there. Roberts was always going to be open. You knew it. I was a certainty. You could count on it. My friend was never that person.

Maybe there’s a lesson here.

Aren’t a lot of us like my friend. Only we’re doing it online. Don’t many of us jump from ‘next big thing’ to ‘next big thing’ almost weekly? Being online makes that easy to do.

It’s hard to ignore all the wonderful opportunities available to us isn’t it?

Well…maybe, just maybe we’d be better off if we got into something and stuck to it? What do you think?

Should we continue to be butterflies, flitting from BizOp to BizOp to BizOp or should we research some Company's, find one that has great products and/or services and then commit to making their affiliate program a success?

That way people would know who we are and what we do. We could become a brand. When people need what we offer they’ll automatically think of us! What a concept!

The idea that we should be patient and stick to something, really? Commit and don’t quit. Wow…

Should we do that? Would that work?

Hint: It’s what the most successful people in the Networking/MLM Industry have done and continue to do.

Food for thought…

All the best,

Donald Gaw


Sunday, July 16, 2023

Good Things Can Happen -

Every once in a while, nice stuff happens, and it makes being alive that much more special.

Like your kid getting his first hit at Little League. Or your daughter learning to ride her bicycle all by herself. And if you’re blessed enough, they will have other special moments as they grow and mature.

Good things happen to our adult friends and co-workers also. Like your colleague landing that big account they were working on. Or maybe an acquaintance landed a much better job or; maybe a friend quit work all together because his side-hustle was beginning to gain traction.

Nowadays, with the economy like it is coupled with the work force being generally dissatisfied with low wages, few benefits and, the high cost of everything; just about 80% of the folks we speak with are looking for a way to:

1.    Find a real business they can start part-time.

2.    Find help in getting that business off the ground.

3.    Eventually scaling that business so they could leave 9 to 5.

4.    Experience what true financial freedom is like.

5.    Get out of debt.

Not unreasonable requests. Thousands of people do it each year. And it’s getting to a point where companies that need workers are starting to have a difficult time hiring them.

The internet is changing what our careers and our lives should look like.

One note of caution though. You must be very careful what type of business you try to start. Especially if it involves any network marketing.

The failure rate for networkers across the board is over 90%! More about this in other blog postings. Just be careful…

Fortunately, after more than 20 years, Lisa and I have found a couple of things that work for us. We share all that information with our team members should they decide to partner with us in something.

Anyway, here are some things to look for:

1.    It must be low-cost to start.

2.    It must have some kind of product for sals. And please, forget programs where you’re sending money directly to your upline. And forget about buying eBooks or courses from some ‘guru’ that will make you rich. Ain’t gonna happen.

3.    The product must be shipped by the company…not you. You shouldn’t need to stock anything.

4.    The company should pay at least 50% commission or more.

5.    There should be marketing material included. Plus, a back office and a website you can show people.

6.    Their customer service should be available by phone at least 5 days weekly. And, they must provide answers to the questions you have in a timely manner.

7.    Does the company manufacture its own products and/or have an exclusive right to sell the items?

8.    Are their products Patented?

9.    Have you googled the owners of the company and the managers to see if they have experience and either good or questionable backgrounds. What’s their BBB rating?

This is just a short list so why do it? Because you don’t want to get all excited about your new company only to have it fold or have them change the pay plan on you or change the commissions or get shut down by the SEC. All this does seem frustrating, I know. Caution first!

However, if you look at Lisa and my main web page there will be a couple of options there for you to safely consider. Go Here

More in our next post very soon.

All the best,

Donald Gaw




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