Wednesday, August 9, 2023

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Nowhere does it tell you that you are always going to be happy. Life has its ups and downs. That’s just…well…life!

There will always be things we need to do that aren’t the most fun or that we want to try. We keep putting things off mostly because we think they will be hard to do or unpleasant.

The key word in that last sentence is the word…’think’.

We might not always be happy about certain issues or chores or our work but, if you practice, you can trick yourself into making something you dislike or that you don’t want to do into something better or nicer.

What you think will be a bad experience can be a good one for you.

It’s all about attitude.

What our attitude is about a particular task or person or whatever can be made to seem better by our thoughts. Attitudes about anything originate in our minds.

Studies have shown that we can program ourselves into thinking some chore or job we don’t want to do will turn out to be a better experience for us than we first thought it might be.

It’s like giving yourself a pep talk.

If there’s a task you’ve kept putting off think of ways you can turn it into a game or a contest. Or talk to yourself about how many other people have had to do the same task and they’re okay.

Or, think of how proud of yourself you’ll feel once the task is completed. That unpleasantness is now behind you, and you’ll never have to do it again.

Will the completion of the job or task make others happy? Think about how much others will appreciate what you accomplished. Think about how it will benefit others once you are finished.

Most importantly, give yourself time to do some ‘self-talk’ about issues and tasks. A lot of things might not be to our liking but we can make them seem better than we first thought by ‘programing’ ourselves into thinking it won’t be so bad after all.

Just mentally list all the positive things a completed task will bring and by repeating your ‘mental list’ several times…all of a sudden, the ‘bad’ chore will have become a better experience than you first thought possible..

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