Saturday, November 25, 2023

Why Climb A Hill When You Can Have A Level Playing Field -

 Almost everyone I know wants or needs extra income. However, those few that attempt a side hustle or an online affiliate program all seem to have it harder than it should be. 

That's because most ads online are about some 'amazing' program that sells some 'miracle' juice or some 'incredible' probiotic or a 'fabulous' diet pill all the Celebrities are using. Being new, we join these programs and then we struggle trying to make it profitable. Yes a very few have made a small fortune in the: Pill, Potion, Lotion Business. 

But, for those that are just starting out and, for those that don't even have a list of clients yet, and for those that are relying on your upline to help you with basically do not stand a chance of succeeding.

Here's why.

Too much competition. Walmart, Target, GNC, Meier, Walgreens, and CVS all sell similar items for less money. And, every other person you know is trying to do the same thing. You haven't created a business for yourself. You've created a way to fail. It's like being on the 50 yard line of a football field and 30,000 spectators are their to keep you from ever leaving the stadium! The odds are against you.

What we have found to be a much easier approach, as well as a highly profitable one is to steer clear of selling tangible products all together. Instead, sell a Service or Services. 

Ask yourself what is it that we all seem to need? Yes, we all need more money. That's not what I mean. What everyone needs that's in business needs Traffic to that Business and they need Places to Advertise that business.

So, why not provide them with Traffic or Customers. That's one thing we could all use. If you're not showing your business to anyone you're not doing business. So...provide clients. 

How? Here's a couple of programs we like. Recruit On Demand  is one we use. It's inexpensive, has leads for your business and even has good training on what to say to clients. And they have an Affiliate Program.

There are a a few more we use. If interested visit our Main Web Site to see what we have.

Another big item you could build a business on is Advertising. 

People that are new to the Online World don't always have a handle on how and where to promote their offers. Here's a free Classified Site that we've had decent results with at: Free Classified Ads  It's a free site you can place ads on as often as you'd like.

The word 'free' gets people's attention. They like free. If you can show others how to promote a business or how to get people to visit their websites then you've provided them a valuable service. Those that use your Services will likely be more receptive to you if you ever offer them something else that might be more tangible. That hill isn't as steep.

Another fairly level playing field is offering programs that save people money. Most companies have weekly or daily specials on items they sell. You just have to know where to look for them. We like ClubShop.

This outstanding, International Business, offers savings on 1,000's of items from 100's of Stores. Has a great Affiliate Program too, and...It's Free!

This is a great program of anyone that's new to online business. Everyone wants/needs to save. Just tell folks you know about a Shopping Mall that will give you cash back on things you buy and it has a free membership! Then give them your link so they can go see your Mall.

Not only can they save on the things they buy but they can earn on the things their customers buy! 

A Win-Win!

Now don't get me wrong. If you're an experienced sales person or online marketer that already has a big list of clients or a big downline then Networking Pills, or Juice, or Diets is a way to earn good money. 

However, if your new and just starting out then offering Services or Benefits is a much easier hill to climb. It's a more level playing field and you stand a much better chance of success. 

All the best,

Donald Gaw



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