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Your Business Depends on You Having This -

Do you have one?

A Feeder Program is a low-cost bizop that your client can join instead of your more expensive ‘main’ opportunity.

Here's why. When you’ve told a prospect about your Main Business Opportunity, and they say they can’t afford it…what happens then: “You never see them again!”

That’s if you don’t have a Feeder Program.

When you have a Feeder Program and you're pitching someone your Main Opportunity; if they can’t afford the main program…you then tell them about the Feeder and they can still become your Partner! Especially if the Feeder Program is affordable and they can make money with it right away!

This let's them start a business with you and establish a working relationship with you and they start to know and like and trust you so that when they do have the money to join your bigger Opportunity…they will. At least this way, you won't lose a prospect and you will gain another Team Member.

It’s hard to finding good clients. None of us can afford to lose one if we do have a way to help them. Once you tell them about your Opportunity, with a Feeder Program you will still be able to work with them and communicate with them and build a working relationship with them, with the goal of eventually leading them into your Primary Business.

The Feeder Program lets them continue to work with you and be your Partner. Once a Partner always a Partner…usually. That is if they like how you’ve treated them and how you do business. You just have to set a great example for them.

Here’s a real-world example.

There’s a program I know of that’s $299.00 to start and it’s then $25 per month plus a Mandatory Autoship of at least one Product each month. It’s a great program and can make folks a lot of income but, it’s not that affordable initially.

So…if I was talking about it to someone and if they couldn't afford it, I’d immediately say: “I understand it may be a bit of a stretch financially but what if I showed you a way to start making some extra income right now that was a lot more affordable?”

Then: “I can show you a way to put $300 to $400 into your pocket starting this week and, if it were completely affordable, would you start your business today? 

That way, you could begin saving up enough money to get into my other Program in just a few weeks from now!  I will admit, after you’ve seen this more affordable program, you may decide to just work it and not move up to the other one!”

"The Program for you makes and saves my members a lot of money and it’s only a one-time $40 to get set up and then it’s just $9.95 per month. And there is no autoship! Ten bucks per month won’t hurt anyone will it? How does that sound?”

Then I tell them about my Nexus Rewards Program. It’s the most lucrative $10/mo on the Internet. The pay-plan is awesome and the Benefits you can access are wonderful and save our members a lot of money every week.

In fact, our members save, on average, about $5,000/yearly!

If you want, you can look at my Nexus Rewards Program at:

Let's recap what makes a good Feeder Program and why you need one:

1.    1. So you can build a relationship with a client and maybe upsell them later.

2.   2. So you don’t lose contact with a good prospect. They’re hard to find.

3.     3. Must be low-cost so greater numbers can join.

4.     4. Allows you to help new people earn and grow in online experience.

5.     5. Lets you Train new people so they become confident before upgrading.

6.     6. Provides the new client with much needed residual income.

7.     7. Must be a simple, easy to set up offer that lets clients start earning right away.

8.     8. Must have a high conversion rate for retaining a large percentage of people you’ve spoken to. If it's affordable they won't drop out.

9.     9. You’re perceived as someone who is willing to help since you showed them this less expensive program allowing them to start earning now.

     10. By not offering just “high ticket” programs you will build your business a lot faster and reach your income goals a lot sooner. In other words...give your Prospect a Choice!

The Nexus Rewards Program is perfect to use as a Feeder Program. As stated, it’s very low in price. (Just $9.95/mo) and, has no autoship and; there's no product to sell. It’s a Service Business offering Exceptional Savings on things you’re spending money on every week anyway!

Besides using Nexus Rewards as a Feeder Program, we’ve found it is a highly profitable, stand along business, all by itself! In fact, it has almost become our best income source.

We just tell people how they can save an average of $5,000/yearly. (Who doesn’t want to save money?) Especially when the $9.95 per month Membership gives you access to all the Benefits and Apps that will help you save and make your life better!

If you’d like to grow your Offers quicker and use the Nexus Rewards Program as your Feeder Program, you can do so and learn all about the Nexus Opportunity  at:

All the best…get in touch if you have any questions. We’d be honored to work with you.

Donald Gaw



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