Friday, May 12, 2023

The First Choice Means Everything -

Our thinking about what business (s) to finally settle on were shaped by our over 20 years of being self-employed.

These decisions were also shaped by our failures. By being misled by ‘gurus’ touting the ‘next best thing’ and by our inexperience when first starting out.

In the beginning we had setbacks. We lost money. We wasted money due to our gullibility. We got discouraged and came close to quitting a few times too.

We were even lied to. Cheated by scam artists. Ignored by sponsors and conned by some well-known, so called ‘legends’ in the networking arena.

Oh well…

I mention this to show you why we have the business we have today. Why it is successful and why we hope you gain some insight into what you do to grow a successful enterprise for yourself.

We learned that instead of dwelling on our failures we should learn from them and try our best not to repeat the same mistakes again.

“A Set Back is Just a Set Up for A Comeback!”  I heard Bishop T. D. Jakes say that a couple of years ago and it has help me maintain a very positive attitude when times get tough.

So, after all the starts and stops and starts again…here is our what became of our criteria for what we should look for to have a successful business that we could count on.

Our goal was to create lifetime, monthly residual income.

Here’s our checklist:

1.    The business had to be low-cost. (After all, we were about broke after years of failure)

2.    It had to have little to no competition. (You can’t compete if Walmart and Costco are selling similar, less expensive items)

3.    Our business needed to have an exceptional pay plan with no breakaway clause. (We once enrolled 423 people in one month only to receive a $68.00 commission. Talk about frustration)

4.    The company and/or owners must have a lot of experience running other successful businesses and they must have an impeccable reputation.

5.    Finally, there must be pro-active, weekly training and access to an interested and caring customer service department.

That’s it. That’s what we looked for when getting started the final time. I say final time because this short checklist is the key to our have success and it’s the reason, we are earning every week.

I hope this helps you. If you’d like to talk with us our contact info is below. By the way, we are strong believers in Incentive Marketing. People that partner with us get a little ‘extra’ for joining. (just saying) ☺

All the best…



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