Monday, October 23, 2023

A Dose of Reality -

We've seen this happen time after time. Someone joins some business opportunity and...they expect it to start producing right away. When it doesn't they quit it, blame the owners on Social Media and, go looking for the next thing to fail at!

The reality matter what reason you use for joining something it isn't going to solve any of your problems right away. Every blogger has said the following: "there is NO Get Rich Quick Program!"

If you think there is you may as well play the Lottery or wait for the Publisher's Clearing House Van to show up at your house.

So what advice do you have for us in this post, Donald?

Well...face reality, change your mindset, keep working your 9 to 5 in order to pay your bills until you've found a program, learned everything about it and started making it produce revenue.

Mindset means that you have to look at your new venture as an investment that will pay off in time. You won't get a big check from any bizop next week! You're investing in yourself so give yourself a chance to succeed. Commit to staying with it for at least one year.

Most won't...but that is what it takes to succeed.

Commitment and Daily Activity are the keys.

One of the most successful networkers I know didn't make a dime for 13 months but now earns $100K monthly! He stuck with it, worked on it daily and now has a business that will pay him forever. 

His investment paid off.

Also, remember that when we talk about making an investment. We don't mean just money! There's also an investment of your time. How many hours per week will you work on this new business? 10 hours is the minimum.

Will you stop meeting the girls at the bar after work? Are you willing to forego the ball game to work on your new business? You may have to explain to your Family that you can't watch TV with them because you're building a new business. You have to use the evening hours to make a few phone calls or send out Text Messages or eMails. They will have to realize you're doing it for them.

In other words you will have to make sacrifices in the beginning. Don't let anyone tell you it will be easy. 'Easy' doesn't pay the bills!

The things I'm mentioning here are the reasons why around 95% of the people that try an online business fail. They get frustrated and give up because nothing seemed to be first.

Bottom line is...before you join anything have a good talk with yourself about all the things in this post. 

Are you the 1 person in a 100 that's willing to do whatever it takes to succeed? Will you somehow find the necessary money to start your business? Will you work on it practically 24/7 until it makes you consistent income? Years ago I sold my only car to raise the money I needed to go to work for myself!

Most importantly believe in yourself. Do not let anyone else talk you out of your success it you truly believe in yourself and if you know, without a doubt that you will stick with it. (In particular, do not listen to negative family members.)

Be honest with yourself about these things. MLM had made more millionaires than most any other industry. It also has the highest number of failures. 

Can it be worth it? You bet!

But...only if you're willing to pay the price.

How bad do you want it?

Donald Gaw

PS - We are available 7 days weekly to help you should you decide to work with us.

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