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You're right! When you first land on my personal website it is a bit chaotic. However, there is a purpose to all the disorder and randomness. (

If you read the header and look at each item in the menus it will start to make sense. You see, we believe in finding free or low-cost bizops that really work. And what we are showing you on our personal site is the best of the best.

You'll see banners down both side of the site. They take you to each individual opportunity. However, in reality, there are really only two main offers.

One is a Virtual Dispensary with over 100 'happy' 4/20 products. 

The second offer and our main income producer is the Free Membership at Savings Highway Global. Our members are able to save on stuff they buy anyway. Item like Groceries, Dining, Gas and a lot more. This site is so good that reports of savings in the $1,000's each year are coming in.

The average saved is between $400 to $800 per month! That's important because nationally, a family that can find an extra $500 per month in spendable money often means the difference between going bankrupt and being able to keep a roof over their heads.

This program really helps people and I'm proud to be able to tell folks about SHG.

We also show you something called Prosperity Highway Global. This is the Marketing Machine that we use to promote and build our Team. It allows us to grow exponentially each month without doing any of the selling ourselves. 

It's really made a positive difference in our business growth. The Call Center at PHG does the closing for us and we get paid! How cool is that?

There's also a Home Solar Energy offer and a Financial BizOp. There's nothing special you have to do to take advantage of these two additional businesses. They're tied into the entire SHG/PHG Affiliate Program. Again we do no selling. We just refer people to these and the Call Center at PHG takes over and does the presenting and closing. We get the commissions. Neat.

You can learn more about SHG by visiting: 

Take a look at SHG if you'd like to or need to save some money. There's several benefits besides saving on gas and groceries. Other things are available. Like hotel savings and prescriptions. There's a 24/7 teledoc. Legal services are there. You can save on taxes. 

And much, much more. Once you look SHG over you may like it enough to become an Affiliate yourself. Get with me when you have a minute and I'll tell you all about the incredible pay plan they have.

Anyway...I hope this clarifies our somewhat 'busy' personal site and I hope you visit us often. We are proof that you don't need to spend very much to start a business of your own. Come join us. We'd be honored to work with you.

To your success...

Donald Gaw

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